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Junk Removal

Doing a clean up and need to get rid of some unwanted items? We'll be more than happy to get rid of that for you no matter where it is located within your home. Just show us where it is, and we will make it go away.












Junk removal is a great service:

  • before a move - to make it easier to pack and less expensive to move
  • after a move - if you don't have enough space in your new home
  • at any time - eliminate clutter in your home and give yourself some breathing room!

It's a perfect opportunity to declutter and stage your home for sale!

Word from Our Customers

"Outstanding packing and moving company. Gave us an unbeatable price on our packing and moving job, and actually delivered 100% of what they said they would. Discounted me the 30 minutes they took for lunch; I have never heard of movers doing that.  Even came back the next day and transported a few small items I missed in the walk-through. M...

Sabrina A.
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